Hi, I'm Alice Bell. If you want to get in touch, my gmail is alicerosebell. You can also find me on twitter.

I co-run a climate charity, we’re called 10:10 Climate Action. We do stuff like connect railways to community owned solar farms, run tree planting days, and put heat pumps under parks so everyone can be part of a positive shift away from fossil fuels. We’re great.

I’m also a writer. Before I moved to 10:10, I was editor for the innovation storytelling site, How We Get to Next, where I got to write about things like the history of Waterloo Bridge and a global network of DIY tear masks. I was also a regular contributor to the International Council for Science’s Road to Paris blog on climate policy, and set up the Guardian science policy blog. One of the pieces of writing I’m most proud of is my history of the 1970s radical science movement, for Mosaic magazine.

I’m currently working on another long-read for Mosaic and a short illustrated non-fiction book on the environmental crisis for Thames and Hudson.

I’m also a trustee at Medact, active in the Art Not Oil Coalition (ask me to show you my tattoo) and sit on the the advisory committee for the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity.

I started out in science communication aged 18, when I joined the team at the Science Museum. Ask me nicely, and I can still mix you a vat of museum-grade bubble mix. I was a judge for the inaugural Google Science Fair and once got a million kids to jump at the same time, just to see what’d happen. I have a BSc in history of science and a PhD in science communication. I was a lecturer in science communication at Imperial College London for several years, where I also developed a college-wide interdisciplinary course on climate change. I’ve also worked at the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex, City University Journalism School and UCL’s Science and Technology Studies Department.