I'm just about young enough to be part of the generation where cloud of climate change has always hung over us. Still, most of the time, I avoided looking it in the eye.

When I did come to study climate change in detail, reading up on the history of the issue helped. I felt like I understood the graphs better when I had a sense of the people behind them. I also found the history of climate change inspiring, even funny at times, and it gave me hope. I thought that was something worth sharing.

At the start of 2017, I set myself a challenge of regularly writing a short story from the history of climate change, and sharing it online. It was a side project, something I did around my day job at a climate charity, other activism and having a life. I learnt a lot, and learnt that other people were interested in the history of climate change too. I haven’t added to this blog since as I’ve been exploring other ways to tell this story, but I’ve left the archive in case anyone still fancies a read.

If you’re interested in anything I’ve written here, want me to write something similar, or perhaps want me to give a talk on the topic, do get in touch. My gmail is alicerosebell.