A brief history of climate change

Ever wanted like you should know more about climate change, but a bit put off by how much there is to know, like you needed a catch up lesson?

This is for you.

Every fortnight I’ll post a short story from the history of climate change. There’s no homework and I’m not telling it in the order it happened so you can skip episodes and jump in and out. But each installment should give you something new, and collectively it’ll paint a picture of how we got to the place we’re in now.

We’ll touch on the various bits of politics, ice, maths, geography, more maths, solar panels, media studies, computing, mines, machines, mountains space science and yet more maths which make up this complex and often abstract issue. But above all, these are stories about humans. We’ll be looking at the people who helped us unravel what we’re doing to ourselves.

It’s also a hopeful story. Don't get me wrong, climate change is a massive misery-fest, and they’ll be a lot of stories of hubris, achingly slow action and people gleefully sticking their fingers in their ears. But it isn't just a story of humans messing up, it's also story of humans being clever enough to realise that.

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